Anwar Hadid Explains How He Expresses Himself Through Beauty: 'I Do Whatever Makes Me Happy'

The new face of Valentino Men's Fragrance shares his perspective on fashion, family and more

Whether he dyes his hair millennial pink or sports matching manicures with girlfriend Dua Lipa, model Anwar Hadid is rarely afraid to experiment with beauty.

“I like to express myself in whatever I feel suits my energy at that point. I just kind of do whatever makes me happy. Everyone is allowed to express themselves freely,” the model, 20, tells PEOPLE.

Hadid’s mood is expressed through the fragrances he wears, too. “Scents just kind of accentuate the person,” says the new face of Valentino Men’s new Born in Roma Uomo fragrance.

Valentino, Anwar Hadid

The star’s partnership with Valentino Fragrance marks his first major beauty campaign — a big step for the rising model, who’s following in older sister Gigi and Bella Hadid’s footsteps.

“I’m unbelievably honored to be the new face of Valentino’s men’s fragrance. I love working with the whole team,” Hadid says. “I’m just so excited.”

Read on for more from Hadid on fragrance, family and fashion.

Valentino Men’s Born in Roma Uomo is described as a “modern aromatic vetiver fragrance.” What’s your favorite note in it?

There’s a salty note at the end of it. That was one of the things that I remember when they brought in the samples and explained how they created the fragrance. I caught onto that instantly. I love that you can wear it anywhere — it’s a strong smell, but also not so in-your-face.

Valentino, Anwar Hadid

What’s one of your first fragrance memories?

My mom wore this perfume and it smelled like lemon and sugar, almost. It was a weird, interesting smell. That was the first smell that I obviously remembered.

How do you relax?

I use essential oils. I put some in my hand [and smell it] or in a diffuser. That’s something I like to do every day. I’m really drawn to eucalyptus and lavender.

Your modeling career has been taking off. What’s it been like living life more in the public eye?

Honestly, I feel like I’m still the same person that I’ve been since I was young. It’s all about staying genuine and keeping your family and friends around.

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What’s the best modeling advice that Gigi, 24, and Bella, 23, have given you?

Try to be yourself and be confident and comfortable. Also, wear the clothes and don’t let them wear you. For modeling, you’re an extension of someone else’s creation and vision. You have to honor that.

How has your personal style evolved?

It’s always been very comfortable. I sew my own clothes. I’ve always loved all different types.

You have a unisex jewelry brand, Martyre. Do you want to get more into design?

I learned a lot about design through modeling. I wanted to be a designer in 2014 before I wrote music or modeled or anything like that. I have a project coming out in the next couple of months with shirts, which is exciting.

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