How to do a fishtail braid? What's the best way to fill in your eyebrows? Every answer you need is right here in this post

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As a look back on this year, Google just announced a comprehensive list of the most asked questions and most searched items in every category imaginable. On the fashion front, the black Atelier Versace gown Jennifer Garner wore to the Academy Awards (which required squeezing into a metal corset!) was the most searched Oscars dress of 2016. And interestingly enough, more than half of the top ten most-searched fashion designers of the year were celebrity designers, with Rachel Roy, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Angela Simmons and Zendaya topping the list.

To add to that, Google shared the beauty questions people asked more than any other in 2016. To make your life a little easier, and hopefully to help amp up your beauty game in the new year, we compiled some of the top beauty concerns asked on Google and gave you the answers – all right here!

How do I do a fishtail braid?

Creating a beachy, effortless fishtail braid is not as intimidating as it may seem. Just follow these simple steps that stylist Christi Gonzalez shared with PeopleStyle to become a master of the technique that’s been the most-asked beauty question on Google, in no time.

First start with a rat-tail comb (just like this one) to divide the hair into a slight part off to the side. “Then divide the remaining hair into two equal parts,” Gonzalez said. “Take a smaller piece from one of the halves and cross it over the top adding it to the other section until you get to the nape of the neck. Now repeat that process with the other half of your hair and tie the two sections together with an elastic band.”

How to fill in my eyebrows?

Stars like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins provide ample inspiration for women dying to define their brows, but figuring out how to shape them without going overboard can be a challenge. Our tip? Start slow.

“Take a little bit [of the product] out of the pot and put it into the cap,” says PEOPLE beauty editor Jackie Fields, to control the amount of product you use. Then simply use tiny strokes, starting at the bottom of the brow, and light pressure to fill them in. Watch the video below for a full how-to and say hello to the eyebrows of your dreams!

How to shape my eyebrows?

Great question! We got Megan Fox’s brow pro — a.k.a. The BrowGalto tell us just that in the video below. Spoiler: There are quadrants involved.

How do I curl my hair?

Voluminous, textured waves are everywhere right now, and if you were watching this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show like the rest of us, you probably were dying to know how to get curls like the ones Alessandra and Gigi walked the runway wearing. But don’t worry: we’ve got the answer, straight from the expert hair stylist that created those tousled locks.

Check out the video below from our How It’s Done series to see Sarah Potempa use the Beachwaver, the automatic rotating curling iron she developed (Score it for $10 off at PeopleShop!), to create curls easier than ever before.

How do I remove gel nails?

While the non-chip, long-lasting gel manicure formulas have their perks, going into a nail salon (and paying that extra $10) to remove them gets annoying. Our advice: try Essie’s Gel Couture nail polish system instead, which as one of our 2016 People Beauty Awards winners, impressed every staffer who tried it with its 14 day formula and super shiny finish. The best part? You get the effect of a gel polish, but only need to take it off with your normal go-to remover. Win-win!

How do I apply concealer?

To properly put on concealer, first make sure to find the shade that best suits your skin tone. But don’t just swipe it underneath your eyes in a ‘U’ shape. Instead pat it on in the shape of a ‘V’ or an upside down triangle for the best effect that provides the most coverage.

How can I get rid of bags under my eyes?

Besides applying a good concealer, there’s some other products you should keep in your beauty arsenal to combat those early morning under-eye bags. In 2016, color correcting blew up the beauty world to do everything from hide redness and cover dark circles. Celebrity makeup artist and global makeup artist for Stila Cosmetics Sarah Lucero told PeopleStyle to grab a pink cream corrector, like this one from Urban Decay, to “help mask fatigue.” She added: “If you are looking tired, use pink cream — it’ll wake up your makeup!”

Another trick? Pop on a sheet mask specifically for the under-eye region that’s chock full of ingredients to make it look like you actually got a full night of sleep. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you never used eye patch masks before.

What exactly is balayage?

This hair coloring technique that’s been done on everyone from Khloé Kardashian to Chrissy Teigen creates a natural, gradient effect of the transition from one hair shade to another. Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham’s to thank for Khloé’s enviable blonde balayage, which the expert stylist said took two hours to create.

“Because she’d cut it short, I really wanted to balayage her ends and make those really bright. It’s all about that frame,” Cunningham told PeopleStyle.

How to make hair grow faster?

Your favorite celebrities will tell you to try gummy supplements, and the doctors we spoke to say they certainly can’t hurt. But for best results, your best bet is complement the work of the supplements by getting regular trims and hydrating masks, to keep hair as healthy as possible as it grows out.

How to clean makeup brushes?

With gentle soap or baby shampoo and lukewarm water, then dried flat on a towel after shaping the bristles. Think that step isn’t that important? Let model Anthea Page’s staph infection, gotten from dirty brushes, convince you otherwise.

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