Ansel Elgort Borrows His Girlfriend's Handbags – and More Style Secrets from Polo Red's New Face

The actor says he doesn't follow rules when it comes to fashion

In just a few years in the spotlight, Ansel Elgort has managed to steal the hearts of girls everywhere through his roles in Baby Driver, The Fault in Our Stars and so many more roles. And now, he has a new gig that’s going to do the same: he’s the new Global Ambassador of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Red franchise — and he’s sharing the details behind the collaboration.

“It’s gonna be a long partnership,” he tells PeopleStyle of his new venture, which also includes a role as the face of the franchise’s latest fragrance, Polo Red Rush. “I do hope to bring myself to the brand and I think that’s what they want. Hopefully [the partnership] does bring fun, nice new energy to the brand in general — not that they need it. It’s a big brand. It’s global. It’s pretty cool.”

The star, 24, says his decision to team up with Polo Red is a long time coming, as his relationship with fragrances — specifically ones from the Ralph Lauren — began when he was a young adult trying to impress the ladies.

Courtesy Polo

“When I was growing up I think the thing that pushed me to always dress well or try to smell good was girls,” he admits. “When you’re a young guy and you’re chasing after girls it’s the idea that I could spray something on me that makes me smell good and help me in that department. As soon as I could buy it I did.”

Of course, he’s grown up since those days. The 24-year-old star has been with his girlfriend, ballerina Violetta Komyshan, since high school. And while she doesn’t influence his fragrance choices (he says she’s “down” with anything or nothing), she does influence his style.

“We share handbags — I wear handbags now,” he says, adding that they also wear the same rings. “Purses are really cool, or like the ones you put over your shoulder. You can put your camera in there, your phone, your wallet. Sometimes if I’m wearing tight pants I don’t want to put anything in my pocket. Or sometimes it falls out of my pocket. So we share those now.”

But he’s not down to wear just any trend. “I don’t like the fanny pack trend. If I’m not into it and it’s a trend, I’m not going to wear it. And the over the shoulder thing, I’ve never liked this one either. I always just felt like the other kind of man bags were just boring.”

As for the rest of his style, Elgort says he simply goes for what he likes — no matter what social norms might dictate.

“I think that style should always be personal and you should do what you feel, whatever that is,” he says. “If something inspires you or you see something you like… If I see clothes on women that I like, unfortunately I can’t fit most of it because I’m too big, but anything I like, I’ll wear, even if someone else is telling me, “What the hell are you wearing?” It’s not going to stop me from walking out of the house wearing it.”

Aside from a spritz of cologne, the star doesn’t do much when it comes to grooming: He doesn’t wash his hair, he says he only washes his face if he has a “dirty” day and he’ll occasionally use one of Violetta’s face masks. But he does moisturize, he says.

“I never moisturized before I started becoming an actor. That’s the important thing. Apparently Pharrell exfoliates. Brad Pitt takes care of his skin.”

Now, Elgort has a number of projects in the works. He’s finishing up a new music album, just shot the film adaptation of The Goldfinch, and he recently shot his campaign (above) for Polo’s newest cologne, Polo Red Rush, which plays one of his original songs in the background (and totally has a Baby Driver feel to it).

“It’s really cool that they wanted to use my music,” he says, adding that the track, “Home Alone,” is the first song he ever recorded.

“I think there is definitely a part of me that is expressed in the commercial, which is cool. It’s not just like I’m playing a character, I’m playing myself. I am outgoing and I am full of energy,” he says, adding in true Baby Driver form, “And I am really into cars right now.”

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