Anne Hathaway Reveals Her Fashion Phobias

Jesse Grant/WireImage

While Anne Hathaway may have lookied like a consummate fashionista in her Erin Fetherston cream dress and maroon coat at the designer’s show on Friday night, she admitted to a few jitters. “There is something that transports me back to seventh grade when I’m at a fashion show,” the actress tells PEOPLE. “You feel like you’re at the weekend party, and you’re like, ‘Am I wearing everything alright? Did I do my hair right?’ And it’s silly because it’s a lot of fun, and there shouldn’t be any pressure, but there is!” Easing the pressure was the designer herself, who Anne calls “a pretty cool chick”. And as for Anne’s worst fashion faux-pas, she points at many a woman’s nemesis — skinny jeans. The actress laughs “Well, I love them on other people, but I don’t think skinny pants loved me. Some girls can wear them with flats. I need to wear them with tranny shoes in order for them to look good.” But that doesn’t stop the Get Smart star, who admits she wears them “whenever I want to look like a tranny!” Well, for now, the actress is distinctly feminine as she makes the rounds of Fashion Week.

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