March 26, 2014 07:23 PM

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It can be easy to get into a short-haircut rut. It’s both a blessing and a curse that it can be so easy to style (something Anne Hathaway knows better than most, having recently confessed that her hair doesn’t respond to any external stimuli, including humidity). But just because her hair looks great in its signature side-parted swoop doesn’t mean that she’s resting on her well-coiffed laurels. She’s been rocking a bunch of fun styles and we’re here to celebrate that.

She’s been playing with all sorts of styles on her most recent press tours, but our favorite development is the introduction of some cool hair accessories. From left, the actress sported a mini pompadour twist, topped with a Jennifer Behr black leather camellia pin for a London appearance; it gave just the right amount of girlie edge to a flouncy skirt and thistle-print top (both Whit).

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While Hathaway was in Miami for a Rio 2 appearance, stylist Adir Abergel twisted her hair back into cornrow-like sections, pinned them back and then wove a Lelet NY star headband in and around the back for some unexpected sparkle. At another Miami event, Abergel braided the front section of her hair, then finished the braid with a Jennifer Behr rose barrette for a super romantic look that should be tacked to all short-haired girl’s “Wedding Hair” Pinterest boards.

“Before going on this tour Anne asked me to come up with some creative ways to wear her hair. I immediately got excited!” Abergel tells PEOPLE of helping the star with her stylish new dos. “This was going to be such a fun challenge.” He called in all the hair accessories himself before leaving on the tour with her, because as he says, “Accessories are such a fun way to dress up a style but use it creatively.”

We love that Hathaway is having so much fun with her short style — and we’d love to see one of the many new members of the Hollywood pixie brigade (looking at you, Julianne, Shailene and Jennifer) get just as creative with their dos.

What do you think of Hathaway’s new commitment to fun hairdos? Which is your favorite?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Jackie Fields

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