The actress is bringing back some serious 2000s nostalgia with her latest Instagram post inspired by The Princess Diaries

By Alyssa Kelly
April 22, 2020 03:26 PM
Anne Hathaway
Credit: Anne Hathaway/Instagram

Anne Hathaway‘s homemade outfit is a look fit for a queen — or, more accurately, a princess.

Following in the footsteps of other celebs (including Halle Berry and Tracee Ellis Ross), Hathaway joined in on Instagram’s latest viral “pillow challenge” (which encourages users to turn their bedding into couture-worthy outfits) and she totally nailed the look by referencing her 2001 breakout role starring as Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries.

The film also starred Julie Andrews as the protagonist’s grandmother Queen Clarisse Renaldi who interrupts teenage Mia’s quiet life to reveal that she is actually the Princess of Genovia.

In the post, Hathaway recreated her look from the film’s poster, donning a pair of dark sunglasses, headphones and red lipstick. The only thing missing: her tiara.

Hathaway captioned the post with one of Queen Clarisse’s most memorable lines from the film, writing: “‘A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early.’ 👑”

Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews
Credit: Walt Disney Features

Fans were quick to get the reference and the response was overwhelmingly positive. One person commented, “I luvvvv PRINCESS DIARIES!!” Hathaway’s Interstellar co-star Jessica Chastain wrote, “Hahaha I LOVE YOU! ❤️”

Back in 2018, while promoting Ocean’s 8, Hathaway told Entertainment Weekly she would be open to doing a Princess Diaries 3. She said, “Yeah, I’m game if Disney’s game. I think there’s more life in that story.”

In October of last year, Julie Andrews weighed in on the subject on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. When asked about a script in the works that Hathaway had mentioned previously, Andrews admitted she had not heard about it. However, she did say that she would still be interested in reprising her role if the movie did come to fruition.

“If it happens, it would be lovely, and if it doesn’t, I wouldn’t have known about so there you go.”