Anne, Gwyneth & More Dish About Fashion at Valentino's Star-Studded Film Debut

Dave Allocca/AP

Designer Valentino might have earned fame for dressing Hollywood’s leading ladies, but with last night’s premiere of Valentino: The Last Emperor, the Italian designer became a film star in his own right. It was an appropriately star-studded occasion, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Claire Danes and Anne Hathaway among the elite crowd that turned out to the Gilt Groupe- and Quintessentially-sponsored premiere at MoMA. And the gorgeous crowd wasn’t lost on the designer. “Gwyneth looks fantastic tonight,” Valentino remarked to PEOPLE, “Anne sensational. Claire Danes . . . they’re all friends of mine.” But just because they dazzled in Valentino’s elegant gowns, didn’t mean that stars weren’t also keeping more prosaic issues in mind. Of her Grecian-inspired white gown, Anne Hathaway explained, “I’ve been enjoying a couple of post-Oscar burgers. So I didn’t fit into a lot of the vintage stuff. I wanted to wear something that was a little bit more forgiving.” For glam mom-to-two Paltrow, “It was hectic getting ready. We just flew in yesterday for this. And my kids are really jetlagged. And my son had a meltdown. But we got out the door,” although not without a struggle. “He was very upset by these hair clips they put in to keep your hair back when you’re getting your makeup done,” she explained. “He hated them. He was livid. But I’m here. I made it.” So did Moses have an opinion about the dress? “He did not like it,” said Paltrow. “He’s very specific. My daughter really liked it. She also chose my nail polish color.” Pink, of course! And how did the man of the night, Valentino, feel about her look? “I don’t know,” answered Paltrow. “I’m going to have to be scrutinized later.” Click here for a review of the film by PEOPLE’s critic.

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