November 14, 2016 07:57 AM
Malcolm Taylor/Getty
Malcolm Taylor/Getty

Anna Kendrick is the first to admit that her red carpet style has evolved from her early days on the red carpet. And in her new book,  Scrappy Little Nobody, the 31-year-old actress reflects on promoting her 2009 breakthrough role in Up in the Air without the luxury of brands lending her clothes and accessories to wear.

“It’s the great irony that once you can afford the shoes somebody will lend them to you which is lovely,” she shared with Savannah Guthrie on Today Monday. “But at that point the movie wasn’t out yet and nobody really knew who I was and my stylist was like, ‘You still have to be wearing the expensive shoes otherwise the world will end,’ and kind of talked me into buying these shoes that were more than my rent.”

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In the end, the actress gave into the pressure and splurged.

“I was like. ‘I think that you think my life has completely changed already and it hasn’t. I’m gonna need to wait on that.’ But I got sucked in to it. A very pathetic moment,” she shared.

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The most ridiculous part? “They weren’t even comfortable,” she said.

Kendrick’s book, which features a collection of humorous personal essays, is out now.

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