The Oscars presenter (and Pitch Perfect star) gives us an exclusive look at her potential hairdos

John Knight

With the current weather in L.A. (dreary and damp), Anna Kendrick’s not letting something as important as her Oscars hair be left to chance. The upcoming Pitch Perfect 2 star, 28 (a former Oscar nominee for her role in Up In the Air) will present at the Academy Awards on Sunday, and, wanting her look to go off without a hitch, she enlisted the help of Mark Hampton, Toni&Guy Hair Meets Wardrobe’s global brand ambassador, who tried two different looks on the star to go with her gown.

“I come up with hairstyles mostly from the direct contact with the client,” Hampton told PEOPLE Thursday, from a suite at West Hollywood’s Mondrian hotel, where the trial took place. “I think it’s really important to talk to who you’re working with and find out what they like, what they’re interested in and what they’re going to be wearing for the event.”

Hampton, who met Kendrick that day, called his latest client “really sweet and super easy to get along with.” And apparently the feeling was mutual — the duo joked and laughed throughout their styling session just like old friends. “Automatically you can tell Mark’s smart and he’s funny,” Kendrick told PEOPLE. “That’s always important. I can’t have people that close to my head and my face if they don’t have a sense of humor.”

Anna Kendrick Oscars hair

John Knight

And much like her beauty look, Kendrick isn’t leaving the big dress until the last minute. “I’ve picked it out. It’s definitely a stunner,” Kendrick said, adding that her jam-packed time at New York Fashion week wasn’t all fun and games — her Oscars gown was always on her mind. “I was definitely there on the hunt for a dress. The second it walked down the runway, I grabbed my stylist’s hand and I was like, ‘That’s the one!’ Trying it on didn’t necessarily mean it was going to work, but I was really happy. It’s really dramatic.”

Explained the actress: “Because I’m presenting this year, I thought I would do something a little riskier than I did when I was a nominee. I wanted that look to be completely timeless and this is definitely modern. It’s a little bit graphic and a little bit edgy.”

Kendrick “would love to say” she’s modeling the look after her “style icon” Cate Blanchett, “but to compare myself to her would be a mistake in all aspects of my life,” she said. “But she’s like … I pray to her like the Virgin Mary.”

Hopefully Saint Cate will give her some tress inspiration before Sunday; Kendrick still hasn’t nailed down which look she’s going to go with, but in the meantime, she did give us some insight on how she feels about the two styles she tried with Hampton.

“I love how edgy this look is,” Kendrick said of the first look, top, a coiled, loosely twisted chignon that works with her curls. “I love the texture of it. I love that it’s kind of an edgy twist on a modern classic. It’s kind of a looser, younger French twist.”

And of the second, a low braided updo (above), she said “It’s great to try a different option. Sometimes you want to lean in to being cute, so I think it’s a really good way to figure out what you want — by trying different things.”

Which way should Kendrick go? Come back Sunday to see what she decided — and get the scoop from Hampton about exactly how to achieve it!

–Dahvi Shira