May 28, 2014 05:30 PM

Courtesy Disney

Angelina Jolie can wear just about anything and still look beautiful — and her role in Maleficent, complete with horns and a nose piece, proves that.

But her look as the dramatic Disney villainess was not easy to achieve — the actress revealed that her transformation was a process of trial and error.

“The creation of it took a little time to figure out how to do the horns,” Jolie said at a press event for the film. “Even how to get them on my head and how do they stay on the head.”

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“We had different horns. At first they were too heavy, then we got them softer, then we found ones that would snap off because I kept banging into things, and, you know, it just all slowly came together,” she said, explaining that the finished result was an elaborate contraption that required a specific hairdo to keep it steady. “It was a headpiece, of course, with the horns. It wasn’t like a headband. So we kind of put … my hair in these balls, and then you put the headpiece over and you pull the braids through and then you use [them] to anchor it.”

The actress also explained why she altered her nose (with the help of prosthetics) for the role. “Well, my nose is a bit — it’s not very strong. It’s a fine nose, but it’s not … It can be like a cute nose,” she said. “But I wanted her to have a stronger nose,” she said. “She has a little piece to make it less of a slope and more of a bump. We wanted everything to have angles — take all the softness out of my face and make everything sharper and stronger.”

Was all that hard work worth it? Are you excited to see the end result in action?

–Sheila Cosgrove Baylis

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