By Brittany Talarico
August 29, 2014 08:07 PM

If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘Where has Andrew Garfield been this summer?’ we have your answer — the actor has been very, very busy growing a Paul Bunyan-like beard. Garfield went off the grid after promoting Spider-Man in April, but now the star is back to the red carpet scene with a whole new look.

Ernesto Ruscio/WireImage; Elisabetta A. Villa/Wire

At the premiere of his new film 99 Homes, Garfield sported a sleek black fitted suit, but all we could focus on was his epic facial hair. Our first thought: It must be for a role. Our second thought: What does Emma Stone think of her man’s look? And our third thought: Garfield should join the tumblr community of dudes with facial flower crowns.

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The actor’s hair is also very long at the moment (it must grow super fast as he got a buzz cut in April), and we’re curious to see if he’ll shave anytime soon. For now, vote in our poll below and as always, share any additional musings int he comments.

–Brittany Talarico