October 04, 2016 09:00 AM
Myriam Santos

Grammy-nominated R&B soul-singer Andra Day knows a thing or two about making a statement — whether she’s onstage delivering a knockout performance or on the red carpet accenting her signature rockabilly red carpet style with cool, memorable accessories. And she’s happy to be known for her standout style.

“When I was young, you just want to be accepted. As I got older I feel so much better when I’m free and I’m me,” Day told PeopleStyle. “I don’t care how ridiculous [an outfit] looks. The good thing is, when you embrace that, people around you start to embrace it.”

That sense of individuality and boldness resonated with Pandora Jewelry, which tapped the singer to collaborate for the brand’s new #TheLookOfYou campaign. We chatted with her at the launch to find out the singer’s secret to perfect eyeliner, signature jewelry style and how many head scarves she actually owns

You’ve called jewelry your ‘armor’ before. Why’s that?

Jewelry is my statement of freedom. I can do as much as I want or as little as I want. It kind of adds that ‘oomph’ to anything. I love [Pandora’s] rings because they’re delicate and when you layer them on, they make such a great picture.

What piece of jewelry do you own that means the most to you?

My grandmother gave me a watch that her mother gave her that’s from the ’20s. My grandmother and I are the same human being — we’re born on the same day! It was a really sad time in my family probably four years ago and she said, ‘I’ve been saving this for you.’ It made me cry so much. It’s one of my most cherished pieces. My grandmother is a glamour girl. She’s been in hospice, so we play dress up. She’s laying on the bed and I lay an outfit on her, put some jewelry on her hands and take pictures.

You’ve mastered the winged liner. What’s the secret?

First find the right liner for you. I just discovered a Chanel eyeliner pen that I feel like I have to try hard to mess up. I always played with makeup, but I really started to adopt liner as a regular thing when I was probably 20 years old. I love the way Sophia Loren would do her liner. I follow the lash line closely, and then take it a little bigger and a little crazier.

You’re known for big hair and rocking head scarves. How many do you own?

I have hundreds of bandanas! It’s hard to even count. But I get them everywhere. I was at a vintage store with my mother and they had the cutest vintage bandana from the early ’60s. It had this really great Egyptian pattern on it, so I bought that. I can get them from the dollar store if I just want a classic bandana [on up] to the Hermés scarves that I love.

You love playing with fun lipstick shades. Do you have an all-time favorite?

This Too Faced matte liquid lipstick [in the shade Lady Balls] is actually one of my favorites. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t feel dry. I can’t stand when it gets all gross. Lady Danger from M.A.C. is another classic for me but I am falling in love with this [Too Faced] lipstick.

What’s the last thing you bought for this fall?

I purchased this burgundy coat and it has this huge faux fur hood on it. I’m just like, ‘Oh, it’s so plush!’ The hood goes all the way down and pinches at the belly button with ’70s leather patches on the elbows. I am obsessed with this coat.

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