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January 03, 2018 01:12 PM

If you even spent a second watching television on New Year’s Eve, you probably heard about the record-breaking freezing cold temperatures thousands of people faced as they packed into Times Square to watch the iconic 2018 ball drop at midnight. Anderson Cooper was one of the many people who braved the 9° Fahrenheit weather, and he made sure to do a serious shopping trip beforehand to prep for the frigid temps.

Cooper told Stephen Colbert Tuesday night on The Late Show that he planned on keeping himself crazy-warm — and spared absolutely no expense — to co-host CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Andy Cohen Sunday night in N.Y.C.

“On Thursday I called up this store called The Warming Store in Philadelphia I found on the internet. I spent $2,900 buying electric clothing. I didn’t know that they had electrically-heated clothing now,” he told Colbert.

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“There’s a battery pack on your socks, a battery back on your vest, on your long underwear, on your hat, on your gloves and they sold me the Ferrari of warming gloves, they said. It was kind of amazing. I had coats over it, but every now and then, you could press a button and your pecks would get really hot,” he continued.

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On the other hand, Anderson joked that Cohen worried more about making sure all his outerwear fit to perfection rather than finding the most functional cold-weather gear to fight the freezing weather.

“It’s funny, because in the run up, Andy kept having these appointments to get warm jackets tailored. I was like, ‘You don’t need a tailored coat, you need massive layers of parkas!’” Anderson said. “So I knew he was going to really die out there.”

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