Any guesses who took home the top spot?

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

It’s been an action-packed week in the offices thanks to our nail-biting Oscars gown bracket. In trying to determine who wore the best gown of the past decade, we endured some neck-and-neck races, some major upsets and some early favorites go down unexpectedly.

But the two weeks of suspense were all worth it to get to this moment: Anne Hathaway, in her custom Armani Privé gown, has taken the official title of “Best Oscar Dress of the Past Decade.”

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And Anne did not have an easy path to victory. First, she had to take out Naomi Watts’s similarly striking metallic Armani. Then she conquered Mila Kunis’s memorable lavender Elie Saab. And finally (and most tragically for our Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal), she took out early favorite Michelle Williams in yellow Vera Wang, before finally taking on Nicole Kidman in the final matchup.

It was a tough choice, neck-and-giant-bow-at-neck ’til the end, but Hathaway pulled out the win with a 56% vote. And we certainly can’t argue with a gown this classic, a hair and makeup look this elegant and accessories this special. Now we just can’t wait to see if anyone tops Anne tomorrow.