The Anastasia Beverly Hills CEO and founder is attracted to home decor that follows her signature "golden ratio" eyebrow technique

By Hanna Flanagan
August 16, 2019 02:49 PM

As the CEO and founder of billion-dollar beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, it’s no surprise that Anastasia Soare lives in well-designed luxury.

The “Eyebrow Queen” showed off the two-bedroom Beverly Hills oasis she designed herself — “heaven” as she calls it — in a recent interview with Architectural Digest.

“I think every corner of this house is my favorite; I love the living room when I wake up and make my espresso, doing my emails and Instagram, and listening to Miles Davis,” Soare — the mastermind behind Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows — told the outlet. “For entertaining, I love the dining room with its beautiful table by Paul Evans and living room with serpentine couches, but I really love my bedroom, where I wake up in the morning, look outside, and say, ‘Jeez, I live in heaven here.’”

Architectural Digest

While putting together her bright and modern space, Soare said she applied a few of her tried-and-true beauty tips. Most notably, her signature “golden ratio” brow shaping technique, which follows the mathematical principle of thirds to create a flattering arch.

Architectural Digest

“I didn’t understand why I was so attracted to [Italian mid-century modern designer] Gio Ponti until I found a book about him and learned that his work is based on the golden ratio,” she said “I use the golden ratio to create the perfect shape on my clients’ faces. And he uses the golden ratio on his furniture.”

Architectural Digest

The home also speaks to Soare’s incredible attention to detail. She filled the space with objects and mid-century modern furniture found at auctions and stores like Orange in L.A., according to Architectural Digest. As for the decor, Soare incorporated several pieces by Ponti, as well as Paul Evans and Hans Wegner.

The brow guru infused her master bedroom with some color by adding a moss green couch, and two crushed velvet chairs: “I thought that worked so perfectly,” she said.

Soare added, “I think the two chairs are so cool looking; they look like bugs.”

Architectural Digest

The stunning master bedroom features a bed the makeup mogul purchased at an auction in Italy. “I still can’t believe I paid that much money, but I love it,” she admitted.

Still, the real star of the show is Soare’s bathroom — and the gold trim throughout. “It was an ‘in the moment’ decision,” she said of the additional detail work. “I love to take baths and relax and look at the view and be zen.”