Dear Kim, please drop those not-so-cute Kanye shoes

Morgan Dessalles/Abaca

Dear Kim,

We’re so happy you’ve found something special with Kanye West. Divorcing in the spotlight was seemingly an absolutely terrible experience, and if you weren’t happy last time, well, you definitely deserve to be happy now.

But, love doesn’t have to be blind — especially to questionable shoes. We think it’s fine you’re taking style advice from Kanye — he’s generally a well-dressed dude. And we kind of loved those boots of his you wore last week. We were even fine with the “K W” earrings — subtle but sweet.

However, this latest look is a bit harder to get on board with. Your Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti heels — which reportedly sell for about $5,800 — are just not that cute. At least in photographs. And since you usually dress quite beautifully, it’s bringing your overall look down a notch. A pair of killer sandals — or even some summery wedges — would’ve been a great alternative to these calfskin and pearl .. things.

We’re all for supporting our men — believe us, we’ve sat through many a fantasy football draft — but sometimes, it’s OK to simply tell them, “No.” So maybe next time Kanye suggests those shoes, reach for the boots instead — or the Air Yeezy IIs.

Love, StyleWatch