Amy Schumer's Wedding Dress Was the Only One She Tried - Days Before 'Spur of the Moment' Wedding

The newlyweds married in a private Malibu ceremony on Tuesday

Amy Schumer and chef Chris Fischer's secret wedding ceremony is not-so-secret anymore! Schumer just posted a series of photos from the big day, including pics of her dress, hair and makeup looks, so we're breaking down each and every component, below, with help from her longtime stylist, Leesa Evans, who gave us all the scoop.

The newlyweds tied the knot this past Tuesday in a sunny, oceanside ceremony in Malibu, California and Schumer's whole wedding look reflected the location beautifully. The 36-year-old chose a traditional white wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier described by the brand as a "re-embroidered lace and tulle A-line gown with ballet bodice" that was both elegant and appropriate for the relaxed vibe of the venue – and it was also the very first (and only!) dress she tried on.

Stylist Evans revealed that Schumer decided on the Monique Lhuillier gown right away, which was a good thing: Schumer only gave her four days to prepare for the wedding. "It was kind of an amazing and effortless experience," Evans tells PeopleStyle. "Amy said, 'Text me when you wake up, Chris and I want to get married.' And then I called her when I woke up and she was like, 'Let's try on dresses today.' It was literally that of spur of the moment."

"It felt effortless and comfortable and that's really what she wanted," Evans says. "She wanted it to be easy, she wanted to feel like herself and she wanted to have a great time and a great experience while wearing it. She wore flats, she didn't need to wear a bunch of undergarments and it was just so easy and it felt right. So we both kind of looked at each other and giggled and said, 'Well, let's just go with it. Why try any more?' and that's what we did."

It was a moment that echoed the overall vibe of the wedding. "She felt so confident about the whole big picture," Evans says of Schumer and her boyfriend of several months. "I think her and Chris really feel so happy to have found each other and are so deeply in love that however it was going to come together was going to be perfect because the idea and the sentiment behind it was just pure love."

Amy Schumer/Instagram

Schumer's hair and makeup look also followed a similar vibe, because, as Evans explained, Schumer's glam team decided that bride's final look should make her feel most like herself. So her hair was styled in a laid-back way with beachy waves pulled into a low, woven pony and her makeup was polished but equally understated, with lots of lashes and a pale pink lip.

Amy Schumer/Instagram

She also kept her accessories very simple, only opting for one: her new ring. "Amy has traditionally never loved wearing jewelry and the ring that Chris gave her is really the first piece of jewelry she will have worn for years and years," Evans said. "And so it was so sweet that the first piece of jewelry she's worn in so long is so special and beautiful."

Amy Schumer/Instagram:

Guests at the ceremony included Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Lawrence, Larry David and David Spade. Schumer shared one photo of Lawrence, who wore a pleated pink gown by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini (which she previously wore to a red carpet event!) with her hair pulled into a low bun.

Surprise! Amy Schumer and Chef Chris Fischer Are Married!

Lawrence's dress was a similar shade of pink as the bridesmaids' dresses, a color both Schumer and Evans knew they wanted to incorporate in the bridesmaids' look. "We just decided we wanted to see Kim [Caramele], Amy's sister, in a puff of pink, so that's really where it started," she said. "It was sort of a shoutout to all bridesmaids' dresses everywhere. So [we said] if we're gonna do it, let's do it."

The final look was a pink gown with floral embroidery and a ribbon tied at the waist, accessorized with flower crowns.

Amy Schumer/Instagram

During the reception, Evans helped Schumer change into a "dancing dress," which was a simple cream slip dress by The Row (as seen in the second photo in the slideshow below).

Amy Schumer/Instagram

The Tuesday wedding was a surprise to fans for more reasons than one – after all, the duo just officially announced their relationship status over the weekend when Schumer posted a photo of herself kissing Fischer at Ellen DeGeneres' birthday party.

So who exactly is her new man? Fischer is a seasoned chef, award-winning cookbook author and the owner of his family's Beetlebung Farm in Martha's Vineyard.

And Evans says, they couldn't be more perfect together. "I really just love them both individually and love them even more together. I think they make a great couple," she says. "They're a great team, you see the partnership and you feel their respect and admiration and love for one another and that was what came across overall, not just from the vows that they said to each other but from all the speeches at the wedding."

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