We caught up with Schumer's longtime stylist, Leesa Evans, to chat about Schumer's style in I Feel Pretty

By Colleen Kratofil
April 20, 2018 06:47 PM
Credit: STX Entertainment

For as much time as celebrities spend with their glam squads, it’s inevitable that they’d become close friends. And Amy Schumer is so tight with her longtime stylist, Leesa Evans, that their work extends well past red carpet styling.

Evans actually helped Schumer find a wedding dress (she picked the first and only dress Schumer tried on!) and Schumer tapped Evans to style her character in the new film, I Feel Pretty. We caught up with Evans to find out all about the process of styling a major movie and what it’s like working with the comedian.

Credit: STX Entertainment

“This is such a great role for Amy, I just love the character — she is so honest, charming, confident and light-hearted she’s perfectly imperfect and I wanted to show all of those parts of her through her costumes,” Evans tells PeopleStyle.

Credit: STX Entertainment

In the film, Schumer plays Renee Barret who wakes up from a fall believing she is the most beautiful woman in the world, which sparks a renewed confidence in her to live her most fabulous life. Throughout the movie, Evans styled her in bright colors and playful prints — looks that ensured that Renee would definitely stand out.

“Amy and I have done a few films together now and it’s such fun to play with clothes and style for different characters beyond what Amy herself feels beautiful in for life including red carpet looks,” Evans explains about the difference of styling Renee compared to Schumer, who really let Evans take the reins on these looks.

“Amy is very open to ideas and over the years we’ve developed an easy shorthand to talking about style,” Evans says, which works out well when Evans is busy dressing Schumer for the promo tour of the movie (Schumer has been out and about every day for the past week!). “I wanted Amy to feel comfortable, effortless and pretty,” she says about her promo tour style. “I knew the message she wanted to convey was to be yourself and know that in being yourself everything is possible.”

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She says dressing someone who embraces that aspect of fashion is such a pleasure. “I especially love dressing Amy because she is open to being pleasantly surprised by how clothing can make her feel, and she isn’t shy about letting me know when she feels good.”

Even though Schumer usually let Evans do her own thing, she does occasionally have some input: “We often text each other and on occasion show each other things we like but mostly she teases me and sends pictures of sweatpants and asks if I approve.”