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May 12, 2017 03:14 PM
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Comedian Amy Schumer has no problem telling it like it is, and always being an open book. Take, for example, the time that she dished about her sex life, copped to taking nude selfies, and confessed that she had to leave a party because she was sweating so hard. And in an interview with The Project and co-star Goldie Hawn to promote the new comedy Snatched, the actress kept up the brutal honesty, opening up about a kind of unorthodox time that she feels sexy.

The blonde duo discussed how they spent most of the time filming covered in gritty dirt and sweat to play a mother and daughter forced to trek through a jungle after being kidnapped. While it might be quite a change from the glamorous lives the ladies lead off-screen, Schumer revealed that she didn’t actually hate the messy conditions.

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“I feel sexy when I’m dirty,” the comedian revealed. “I like the dirt and the sweat.” And Schumer’s 71-year-old co-star (who admitted she didn’t know who the star was before they worked together on this comedy) even agreed — dirtier is better! “Me too!” Hawn said during the interview after Schumer spilled her secret.

Besides making her feel super sexy, Schumer joked about how she discovered a secret makeup hack using dirt that could very likely go viral on YouTube soon.

“And it is good for contour. Dirt!” she said. Hawn replied: “Very good for contour. Can you put the dirt here? Maybe some over here.”

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