Amy Schumer Denies Pregnancy After Her Clothing Line Reveal Photo Sparks 'Bump' Speculation

The star was quick to clear the air in a new video post on Instagram

Amy Schumer has something major cooking — and it’s definitely not a baby.

Schumer announced on Thursday that she’s launching a clothing line with her longtime stylist and friend, Leesa Evans. But in the process, the actress, who wed Chris Fischer early this year, led fans to believe that she might be pregnant, thanks to the caption and the way she was pointing at her stomach while showcasing one of the new pieces in her debut clothing line.

Amy Schumer/Instagram

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In the photo series, which she captioned “@leesaevansstyle and i are cookin somethin Up,” Schumer first stands wearing a red spaghetti-strap midi dress while holding on to an overlay of fabric on the bodice — a pose that at a quick glance, seems like she’s pointing towards her stomach. The photo is followed by a second shot, in which Schumer and Fischer are candidly posed side-by-side.

Based on the pose, caption and photo with Fischer, fans were quick to assume that they’re expecting a baby. Commenters speculated the news, writing things like, “She’s pregnant,” “congratulations,” and “Omg you Preggers???!!” But the star quickly set things straight in a new video, which she captioned “I always have a bump alert.”

“I am not pregnant. I am… not pregnant,” Schumer says as she sips what looks like an alcoholic beverage. “It looked like I was pointing to a bump or something but I’m not. Leesa Evans and I have created a clothing line for all sizes and shapes and at a chill price point. That’s what I was trying to allude to but thank you for thinking of my womb.”

Schumer and Evans have worked closely to create wardrobes for the actress’s on-screen characters, as well as her red carpet looks. In fact, the stylist picked out the first — and only — wedding dress that Schumer tried on for her big day.

“Amy and I have done a few films together now and it’s such fun to play with clothes and style for different characters beyond what Amy herself feels beautiful in for life including red carpet looks,” Evans told PeopleStyle of her work with the star, which recently included styling Schumer for her I Feel Pretty role and press tour.

“I knew the message she wanted to convey was to be yourself and know that in being yourself everything is possible,” she added.

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