Amy Schumer Credits Drinking a Lot (Okay, and Her Makeup Artist) for Her Radiant Skin

The comedian shared a few of her biggest beauty tips with InStyle magazine


Amy Schumer is a woman of many, diverse talents. Not only is she one of the biggest comedians in the world with sold out shows and stand-up specials galore, but she’s also the creator, co-producer, and co-writer of an Emmy, WGA, and Peabody Award-winning television show, as well as a fashion cover girl par excellence.

So naturally, given that she’s now a high-flying celebrity who pals around with A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, Schumer has accumulated a few wise words of celebrity wisdom when it comes to her beauty regimen. Wise words she was kind enough to share with all of us in a video for InStyle’s inaugural beauty issue.

For example, when asked how she achieves her radiant complexion, the comedian joked, “Well, I drink a lot and then it gets really dehydrated and my makeup artist walks in and looks at me and then she goes [sighs] and then she fixes it!”

And while you would think Schumer would have experienced all of the latest in luxe spa services at this point in her career, she insists she’s only had a facial three times in her life and thus has absolutely no wisdom to offer on that front. She also claims a bloody mary combined with feeling bad about yourself is a foolproof sunburn cure, though as “a serious sunblock wearer” she tends to avoid that predicament altogether as she says, “I put like 160 [SPF] on my face.”

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And if you’re looking to get wind-tousled locks like the Trainwreck star, she gives all credit to her stylist Kim Guelder, without whom she claims her hair would just be “a little thin mullet” like Charlize Theron in Monster. And just like you, Schumer shaves her legs with “a disposable razor, one of those awful, little, short, violent ones, and I use nothing and it hurts and I miss full strips on my knees like everyone else.” She also admits that a year and a half into her relationship she’s completely given up on the idea of wearing makeup at home, adding “that’s over for him,” but if they’re in the midst of a fight and she wants to look slightly better “so you have a little bit of the upper hand” she’ll use some tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a touch of blush. Perfect for that coy, seductive “don’t be silly, I’m not wearing makeup” look.

As for the one beauty product she can’t live without? Toilet paper, duh. A beauty secret we can all live by.

What do you think of Amy’s beauty tricks? Will you use any of her tips? Sound off below!

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