Amy Purdy's Dancing With the Stars Essentials: See What's in Her Bag!

See the surprising thing that's always in Amy Purdy's bag!

Courtesy Amy Purdy; Inset: Getty

With the Dancing With the Stars finale finally upon us Tuesday night, we couldn’t be any more thrilled that one of our early favorites, Amy Purdy, will be dancing for that coveted Mirror Ball Trophy (against other formidable contenders Candace Cameron Bure and Meryl Davis). Obviously the Paralympic snowboarder‘s success can be attributed to a ton of hard work with partner Derek Hough (and some specially designed “new feet”), but we had to ask: Does the athlete have anything that she keeps in her bag at all times for good luck?

“Not sure if it’s superstitious, but I always carry an Allen wrench just in case a bolt in my leg comes loose,” she tells PEOPLE. “It rarely happens but I always think the one time I don’t carry one it will happen.” Makes plenty of sense to us — a loose bolt would definitely be the unluckiest thing to happen to the dancing queen on the biggest night of the competition.

While she was already looking through her Element Eden bag (love those stars and stripes!), Purdy gave us a peek at what else she’s always got on her at practice. She carries two kinds of Rosebud salve (including the new Mandarin variety!), MAC cover-up, Epicuren skincare serum, and tons of vitamins, Advil and water — all necessary for her long practices with Hough. “I carry bio freeze and arnica lotion in my bag for sore muscles,” she says. “Our muscles are sore daily so you have to be prepared. I also have an ice pack at the studio always ready to go.”

Amy Purdy DWTS

Courtesy Amy Purdy; Inset: Getty

So what will she miss about being on the show each week? How fun and exciting every day is. “I think the most surprising and one of the coolest parts about DWTS is that at the start of each week we get to sit down and help design our outfits for the next show! The week of the wedding-themed jive was my favorite because I pretty much got to design my ultimate wedding dress and it was made in four days and fit perfectly,” she says. “I don’t think the general audience really knows just how much hard work goes into each show. There are ladies at their sewing machines every hour of the day creating new costumes. Being as into fashion as I am, designing our outfits and looks each week and seeing them come to life has been one of the coolest parts of the show!”

And what she’s excited to leave behind? “What I won’t miss is the sore muscles. Each week with each new dance we work different muscle groups so something is always sore!” she says. “That being said, I am having the time of my life and am in the best shape of my life right now so sore muscles are a small price to pay.”

Do you love seeing what’s in Purdy’s purse? What’s always in your bag? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff

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