October 05, 2015 01:06 PM

Who run the world?

The women of the Kardashian-Jenner family show a united front on the cover of November’s Cosmopolitan magazine (its 50th anniversary issue!) in crisp, white button downs and not much else.

“America’s first family,” as dubbed by the magazine, lounges in front of a gray background in oversized shirts, their gams covered only with what appears to be a thick sheen of moisturizer.

The six women (Kim Kardashian WestKhloé and Kourtney Kardashian, and KrisKylie and 
Kendall Jenner
) wear matching black patent heels.

Save for Khloé (whose hair has gotten increasingly blonde over the past year), the fashion-forward reality tv stars are all sporting their natural dark tresses.

Kim (who’s no stranger to baring it all for a magazine) first debuted the cover and at least one of the group shots on her Instagram, Monday.

“Happy 50th Birthday @cosmopolitan So excited to be on the November cover with my family, she wrote, and added of a second photo, “Thank you @cosmopolitan for this amazing cover shoot.”

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Kris’ brood has been letting fans into their lives(and in on their fashion sensibilities) even more since the launch of their respective apps in September.

“We love a lot of the same things, but have such different passions,” Kim said during the women’s appearance at the New York City SoHo Apple store last month. “Kylie loves makeup and her dogs and her house. Kendall runs all over the world modeling and has amazing adventures. Kourtney has a mom life that’s so inspiring. Khloé is fitness, and mine is more fashion and tutorials. We all have different personalities. But this is an extra in-depth look at our lives.”

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