The Reason Safety Pin Selfies Are Blowing Up On Social Media

Americans are standing together in solidarity in a social movement against violence and hate in the United States post-election


Just three days after Donald Trump’s election, many Americans still feel uneasy about the state of the nation. Protests have been happening across the nation since Tuesday night’s results, and minorities and women are reporting increased harassment and threats, but now a small, simple gesture is trending on social media, bringing Americans together.

People are declaring themselves allies to groups that feel marginalized by Trump – whether it’s Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, women or the LGBT community – by putting a safety pin on their clothing to stand in solidarity with Americans who are afraid of what the future holds for our nation.

Those taking a stand spread the movement by posting selfies of themselves wearing a single safety pin on social media. So far, the movement’s hashtag, #safetypin, has more than 30,000 posts on Instagram and countless tweets pouring in.

This isn’t the first time people wore safety pins to make a statement. Americans were inspired by the original #safetypin movement that happened in the U.K. last June in response to Brexit. Now, as the United States faces a severe divide, this social movement is a subtle reminder to all that safe places of love exist for anyone in fear.

Check out how some Americans are joining in on this #safetypin movement below.

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