May 18, 2010 03:15 PM

Michael Becker/FOX/PictureGroup

Crystal Bowersox has come a long way since leaving Ohio for Hollywood–and we aren’t just talking about her rising star power. With a little fashion encouragement from American Idol resident stylist Soyon An, the young star (and only female left in the Top Three) has undergone a bit of a makeover since hitting the show–just don’t tell Crystal that. “She was like, ‘I’m not going to change for the show, everyone thinks I’m going to get an image makeover or whatever, but I’m not changing for the show,'” says An of her first meeting with Crystal.  But after a bit of a nudge, Crystal acquiesced and allowed An to tweak her style.  “I want to enhance it, tailor it, refine it,” An recalls telling Crystal, who slowly started to open up about what she liked.  “She would tell me little stories about when she was a little kid and played dress up, and I was like, ‘Maybe this is your little moment of coming out of the fashion closet and letting people see the real Crystal.'” And according to An, the real Crystal “really wants to wear that dress and heels sometimes.” Now, three months after their first meeting, An says Crystal has found her star style. “I think she’s bohemian rock,” says An. With just a few shows left, we can’t wait to see what Crystal tries out next. Tell us: What do you think of Crystal’s evolving style?Andrea DeSimone


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