The Loveline host paid homage to the city that helped make her famous

By Emily Kirkpatrick
February 17, 2017 11:23 AM
Source: Amber Rose/Instagram
Credit: Source: Amber Rose/Instagram

Hollywood is known as the place where all the magic happens, where stars are born, and where dreams come true…or at least that’s what the movies they produce love to have us believe. As anyone who’s actually tried to move there and make it as a model/actress/musician will tell you, however, the everyday hustle of pursuing your fantasy career is anything but the glamorous fairytale we’ve been taught it to be. But then again, sometimes all of your California dreams really do come true, just ask Amber Rose who celebrated the city that helped her swift rise to celebdom, getting the iconic Hollywood sign permanently inked across her forearm.

Rose shared her latest piece of body art on her Instagram account, a black and white, very realistic depiction of the recently defaced Hollywood sign, congratulating tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, the owner of tattoo shop Black Anchor Collective in Los Angeles, for doing such a great job. Hurtado, in turn, shared the image of the work on his personal Instagram as well, writing, “‘Hollywood’ done on the Forarm [sic] of the sweet @amberrose thanks for being tough and can’t wait to continue it. More work to come.”

Given the SlutWalk founder‘s penchant for tattoos, from portraits of her two pugs to the face of her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa that’s since been covered up with pictures of roses (naturally), it should come as no surprise that this latest post-breakup addition is really just the tip of the body mod iceberg, at least according to Hurtado. But the real question is, given how many tattoos she already has covering most of her body, where is she going to put all that new art? And more importantly what do you think she’s going to get?

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