After Tim Gunn said the contestant’s dress looked like bed sheets, things quickly escalated

By Alex Warner
April 18, 2020 08:00 AM
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Credit: Amazon Prime Video

There’s only one week left until the season finale of Amazon’s new fashion reality TV series Making the Cut, and the remaining contestants are definitely starting to feel the pressure — it led one designer to dunk his dress in coffee!

In this week’s newest episodes, the contestants must complete a digital marketing campaign that epitomizes their brand and show how they’ve evolved since the start of the competition. After Tim Gunn makes a comment about a designer’s dress looking like bed sheets, the contestant makes a last-minute decision to change its color. But without any fabric dye readily available, he got crafty and used a genius at-home trick for dyeing garments.

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Stream It! Making the Cut,

“I have a cool idea about this dress, I’m gonna dye it,” the contestant tells the camera. “Well, I don’t have any dye, but there’s a coffee machine. So let’s hope coffee saves this dress.”

He runs to the kitchen and begins brewing cups of coffee and pouring them into a bucket with tea bags. “Oh my god, I think it’s gonna work,” he says aloud after testing a piece of scrap fabric. “This baby needs to go for a swim.”

Then, holding his breath (as were we!), he dips the entire crisp white dress in the liquid mixture. Later on in the episode as the designer’s looks are modeled in the fashion show, he jokes, “She’s probably dripping in coffee down the runway.”

Stream the latest episodes of Making the Cut now to see how the dress turned out and catch up before the winner is revealed next Friday, April 24. (Let’s just say, we might be testing this genius coffee dye trick at home ourselves!)

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