October 04, 2012 04:30 PM


What do Amanda Seyfried and Rihanna have in common? Until yesterday, we would have said nothing, but then we spotted the photo at left.

On Wednesday, Seyfried sat front row at the Miu Miu show during Paris Fashion Week wearing a super-bold purple lip color that reminded us of the lipstick shade we’ve seen on Rihanna.

Considering that Seyfried usually opts for a nude (or the occasional classic red) lip, we were surprised to see her in such a dramatic and out-there hue. It was so eye-catching, in fact, that it managed to take our attention away from her red pantsuit and plum platforms, not to mention the other starlets sitting with her. No easy feat.

Rihanna, seen left at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in September, has been rocking an eggplant pout for some time now. And unlike with Seyfried, we can’t say we were exactly surprised to see the singer take the beauty risk. (This is the woman who did rock dreadlocks and neon yellow talons, after all.)

Though we aren’t running out to buy purple lipstick just yet, we have to admit that Seyfried and Rihanna both pull off the look, proof that the color might be more universally flattering than we would have thought.

If you are going to try the beauty trend, we just have two words of advice: Go easy on the rest of your makeup (imagine how costume-y Seyfried would look if she were wearing a smoky eye and a red cheek as well). And invest in some clear lipliner to keep the dark shade from bleeding and making you look like a vampire that just fed. Tell us: Would you wear purple lipstick? Vote below!

—Jennifer Cress


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