The actress loved the change, but said that at first it was "shocking"

By Kate Hogan
Updated October 28, 2011 02:30 PM


You might have to do a double take: that girl in the severe brunette wig on
In Time
billboards nationwide is none other than the very blonde Amanda Seyfried. In the film, co-starring Justin Timberlake, the actress covered up her lengthy locks to make her character much more real.

“I’ve never had the opportunity to change my aesthetic for a film for a character,” Seyfried told PEOPLE last week at the In Time premiere in L.A. “At first it was shocking.”

According to the actress, more than a few higher-ups were hesitant about letting their leading lady ditch her trademark look. “I think the studio was a little nervous, but they made the right decision,” she said. “The idea of it was just big for them.”

For Seyfried, it was a no-brainer: the dramatic look was essential for her character, a wealthy heiress in a dystopian future. “I couldn’t look like this,” she said of the loose blonde curls she sported to the film’s premiere. “It needed to be edgy.”

The actress also found the change in her appearance to be quite liberating. “[It] can really make you feel different in all places inside,” she shared. “As a woman, changing your look is powerful. It says a lot.”

Luckily for Seyfried, that powerful change was a comfortable one, too. The actress claimed the brunette wig she hid under throughout the shoot wasn’t a bit uncomfortable. “It’s basically a girl’s dream,” she said. “I didn’t want to have to deal with anything … I went to work with my hair wet, no makeup on. My hair was wet in the wig, and [when] I took it out at night, it [was] still wet. It feels healthy.”

So is Seyfried considering a major hair change anytime soon? Probably not, but wearing the wig made for a nice practice run. As Seyfried said, “It was a good stepping stone.”

–Jessica Wedemeyer