He says her "radiant" hair is "a beautiful thing"

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George Clooney just took top honors at the 42nd César Awards in Paris, but all eyes were on his expectant wife Amal. The international human-rights attorney and mom-to-be, 39, awed in a ombré, feather-embellished sheath, gorgeous red lip and “voluminous” waves courtesy of hairstylist Rod Ortega, who’s sharing exactly how he created the expectant barrister’s look.

With Clooney’s “stunning” strapless dress in mind, she and Ortega collaborated on a complementary hairstyle. “She wanted her hair down. We both thought it would be beautiful [that way],” he says.

Credit: Francois Mori/AP

The pro then headed over to the Christophe Robin salon to get the perfect products for her envy-inducing waves. “When in Paris, use Parisian hair products, right?! And [hairstylist] Christophe Robin’s line is amazing.”

On Clooney’s freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, the pro spritzed a bit of rosewater spray at the roots for “a little bit of texture and fullness” and from mid-shaft to ends applied a hydrating balm to ensure her hair had a silky sheen.

“Then I gave her a side part and, using a Ibiza round brush and my T3 Featherweight Luxe blow dryer, I gave her a really nice blow-out,” he says.

On Clooney’s dry hair, Ortega took 1.5-in. sections and used a conical wand from T3 “to give each section a whirl!”

After letting her locks cool, he sprayed the look some L’Oréal Paris Elnett hairspray, brushed it out, and used more balm to tame any flyaways and secure the hair he tucked behind her right ear.


And if pregnancy has had any impact on the glamorous barrister’s hair, it’s only made it better. “It’s very radiant — the hair, the skin — when you’re a pregnant woman. It’s a beautiful thing,” Ortega says. “There’s such a softness to it, a beauty to it. I don’t know – that’s what I think is amazing about hair, especially in this business, [as] you go through life.”

George Clooney and Amal Clooney Going to Cesars Ceremony in Paris
Credit: ABACA/INSTARimages

If Clooney’s waves conjure up thoughts of Blake Lively’s signature style, that might be because Ortega is the go-to hair guru for both women. But he insists tonight’s look was all about creating a “classic silhouette” that fit the dress. “This particular look is timeless,” explains the pro, who’s worked with Clooney for a couple of years.

But the women do have two things in common, Ortega says. “Amal has a lot of hair, and it has a wave to it. And Blake’s hair is like the blonde version of Amal’s. They just both have really beautiful hair.”

Ortega also appreciates that Clooney loves to concept her beauty looks with him, just like Lively does. “[Amal] enjoys fashion and I enjoy fashion, so the collaboration is there, also.”