The Olympic gymnast tells PEOPLE the Queer Eye star gives the best skincare tips

By Katie Intner
December 26, 2019 03:04 PM

From her vegetarian diet to her face-mask obsession, Aly Raisman loves to indulge in self-care. But when she needs some skincare inspiration, she phones a (very famous) friend.

“I always FaceTime Jonathan Van Ness for tips; he’s been really helping me with my skin, since it’s always up and down because of traveling and stress,” the 25-year-old gymnast tells PEOPLE exclusively at Aerie’s Delivering Good holiday event.

“He’s so sweet and very passionate about skincare. He gives me great tips like to hydrate or use a certain mask,” she says about the Queer Eye grooming expert. “But he’ll also remind me not to worry because there’s more important things than skincare and says, ‘You look beautiful. You’re gorgeous.’ It’s a nice balance.”

Credit: Michael Simon/ Courtesy of Aerie

On days off, Raisman takes a cue from Van Ness and enjoys being makeup-free.

“It’s important for me to be used to wearing no makeup in my everyday life to help with self-confidence,” Raisman explains. “Most of the time, when I’m not at events, I don’t wear makeup. I think that has been really helpful for my confidence.”

The six-time Olympic medalist also has another celebrity friend she turns to for self-care guidance, fellow #AerieReal campaign model Iskra Lawrence.

Credit: Aerie/Neil Rasmus

“I have learned a lot from watching Iskra,” Raisman says. “She’s one-of-a-kind and so real. And when you meet her in person she’s really like that and even better than you can imagine.”

Credit: Aerie/Ali Mitton

One thing in particular that she’s learned from Lawrence is the importance of taking a break from social media. In fact, Raisman says she has made a conscious effort to “be present” when she’s with her friends — even if that means physically separating herself from her phone.

“I’ve become aware of how many hours I’m spending on social media,” Raisman adds. “When I’m with friends now, I put my phone in the opposite room.”

Even if she’s not with her friends, she still makes sure to connect with them to stay stress-free.

“I FaceTime Laurie Hernandez all the time,” Raisman says of her fellow Olympic gymnast.

Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

“My flight was delayed for a couple hours today and so I FaceTimed Laurie. She was making me laugh while I was waiting on the plane. I have certain friends who I call who can make me laugh no matter what. Sometimes, laughter is the best form of medicine. It’s sort of the balance between therapy and having fun or being silly. I’m finding that balance has been really helpful for me.”

Raisman has previously opened up about experiencing anxiety surrounding the USA Gymnastics scandal, but says that being present has helped to alleviate some of that stress.

“As someone who struggles with anxiety, I’ve learned that anxiety comes when I’m not being present,” the gymnast continues. “So if I’m present, I’m having more fun and then I’m not worrying about things.”