Allison Williams Is 'So Stressed' About Her New Blonde Hair: 'My Divorce Is Imminent!'

The star talks about her bright new look on Live with Kelly

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It’s taking us a minute to get accustomed to recognizing Allison Williams with her golden locks – and apparently we’re not the only ones. According to her conversation with Kelly Ripa on Live With Kelly, Williams herself is having difficulty adjusting, and so is her husband, disproving the age-old maxim that blondes have more fun.

After joking that she went blonde with intentions of looking like Ripa, the actress says that instead of proving the theory that blondes have more fun, she’s” so stressed about it,” she shares. “It feels different, its not as soft as it used to be. I try to brush it more slowly than a person brushing a dead person’s hair.”

Ripa suggests sleeping on a satin pillowcase to help prevent hair loss. But Williams is way ahead of her, saying that she’s stocked up on pretty much every hair protection measure you can imagine.

“Not only do I have a satin pillowcase, I have a satin eye mask so the back of my eye mask doesn’t pull on my hair,” she says, adding, “and I sleep in, like, a bonnet. It’s very cute, my divorce is imminent.”

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And while her husband, Ricky Van Veen, is “very sweet” about her new look, the star hints that he might miss her brunette strands. “He does like it,” she says, sharing that he often remarks, ‘It looks so nice, when do you think you’re gonna go back?’ I think he just liked it when I didn’t look like I did anything to myself. He genuinely prefers no effort.” (She does note, though, that the rest of the male species tends to respond positively to her hair, so it’s not all stress and broken strands.)

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