Allison Williams Is Offering Discounts on Her Favorite Products - and It's For a Good Cause

The Get Out star is harnessing her style power for good, teaming up with Horizons National for the 10 Days of Giving Campaign

Horizons National Ambassador Allison Williams In Support of the 10 Days of Giving
Michael Simon/Startraks

Allison Williams has become a fashion force on the red carpet ever since she gained stardom as Marnie on Girls. And now the Get Out star, 29, is harnessing her style power for good, teaming up with Horizons National for the 10 Days of Giving Campaign.

For the campaign, Williams tapped a handful of her favorite brands — like Keds, Jennifer Meyer, Smashbox and more — to donate some of their most beloved items. Then, she’s selling them at a discount (like $50 for a pair of Keds shoes instead of $65), and all proceeds will be donated to Horizons National, a non-profit that focuses on creating year-round educational programs for low-income students.

This is her second year doing the Giving campaign, and she announces all of the new additions to her followers on Facebook and Instagram daily.

“I’ve been involved in Horizons pretty much since birth,” she tells PEOPLE during a phone conversation this week. Turns out, her grandmother taught within the program. Now, her mother runs the board and she’s an official ambassador. (Below, Williams visiting a Horizons program in Newark, New Jersey.)

Allison Williams with students

“I try to come up with creative ways to introduce my followers to what Horizons is and what it does and it also raise money for our continuous expansion all over the country,” she says. “It’s a total labor of love. It’s a beast, but I absolutely love it.”

Allison Williams Charity sale

And this year, the program grew. While she kicked it off last year with one product per day, now she’s offering two products a day — and one day, even three.

“The nice thing about expanding like that is you get to offer stuff for everybody,” she says. “I just love being able to offer people these products at a price that’s lower than they would ordinarily pay. The proceeds could not go to a better place, which is to the kids of our country who need a little extra boost so they can live the lives they dream.”

Allison Williams with students
Michael Simon/startraksphoto

So far, she’s launched four products — and the discounts are significant. For example, Jennifer Meyer’s Shot Through the Heart Necklace is typically $450. Through Williams, it’s $350.

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Williams will continue to roll out products for the next week, so keep checking back to see what’s next. And while we tried to find out what’s on deck, Williams is keeping that secret. “I like it to be a surprise!” Plus, if you’re not in the mood to buy anything, you can still make a donation. Just visit

So, what else is Williams up to? “I’m pretty much focused on this,” she says. “I may be going on another trip this fall, working on a couple of things I’m producing, and reading a ton of scripts and trying to figure out who I wanna become next.”

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