Allison Williams Has a Very Strict Bachelor-Viewing Uniform: 'I'm Not Winning Any Outfit Points'

There are not many people more committed to Monday night Bachelor episodes than Allison Williams. She actually met her husband at a viewing party and even loses sleep catching up on shows. So when we caught up with Williams at Keds’ 100th anniversary party we wanted to know all about what she wears when she’s watching Bachelor Ben woo his women.

Allison Williams

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“I don’t want to think about anything but what I’m watching,” Williams explained to PeopleStyle. “Snuggies don’t give me enough mobility so I wear a giant sweatshirt and giant sweatpants. Total comfort. Not winning any outfit points during the Bachelor.” That means her Bachelor-logo red onesie was reserved for her Bachelor Live guest appearances only.

And while we had her undivided style attention, we found out three other fun fashion stories from the star.

1. The oldest thing in her closet is a pair of cargo pants. And she loves them.
“I would never be embarrassed about something old in my closet but I have a pair of pink cargo pants that I bought while I was working at Ralph Lauren one summer. I think I was in high school,” she shared. “It’s not the oldest thing I own, but they’re hard to wear. I can wear them maybe once every two years if I’m feeling really ballsy. They’re really specific and they have a long memory. People remember seeing them for a long time. So I wear them on vacation a lot. But Ricky [her husband] always says, ‘Oh there are the pants. There they are!’ They’re hard to forget.”

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2. She knew Marnie’s wedding dress was the perfect choice for her Girls character.

“I’ve been playing her for five years so when I went to go fit for the wedding dress I was looking at all the options and I just said, that’s just Marnie’s dress. It just is. And it’s her dressed based on who she’s marrying and who she wants to be. So it was very obvious to me when I saw it. I knew it when I saw it.”

Girls Marnie's wedding


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3. She’s the new creative director of Keds Collective and gets to flex her design muscles.
“Keds is a brand that I’ve always loved and it was one of those situations where the more I learned about them and the more I work with them the more I love it because they’re doing a lot that’s not immediately obvious for girls all over the world. I like everything they stand for and I’ve loved every moment working with them.” (Especially designing her own pair! See below.)

What do you wear when you watch the Bachelor? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

— Colleen Kratofil

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