The star reveals a bold new hue on the cover of Allure

Credit: Jason Kibbler/Allure

Aside from a quick stint with platinum hair last year, Allison Williams has always been devoted to her long, brown strands. But now that her role as Marnie on Girls has wrapped, she’s all about new looks. She proved just that by adventuring onto the bright side with a new blonde shade on the cover of Allure — and at first glance, we didn’t know who she was.

“I like it,” she tells Allure about her new hue, which was created by colorist Aura Friedman.”Especially this blonde—it feels like it is just a new twist on the same old me. It’s just hair! But it’s fun. Maybe I’ll become this gorgeous bombshell vixen. Or maybe I’ll still just be the adult-spelling-bee spirit I’ve always been. I bet people won’t recognize me, and that’s gonna be a fun reveal with my friends.”

Credit: Jason Kibbler/Allure

After the shoot, the star reverted back to her brunette ways. But a new Instagram post from Williams has us believing that she may have just converted for real. “Here it is IRL,” she said of her blonde shade. “Still getting used to it, but I dig it. Thank you @auracolorist and @rebekahforecast for helping me say goodbye to Marnie — and to @allure for the nudge!”

In the interview, the star goes on to talk about her “fast and furious” awkward stage, always making the mistake of picking at her skin, and her bout with acne in her adult years.

“I was breaking out with cystic acne a few years ago while filming Girls and had to go on Accutane to get it under control,” she says. “Luckily, Accutane took care of it really quickly.”

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RELATED PHOTOS: Celebrity Hair Changes: Better Before or After?And in case you were wondering how she’s constantly managing to achieve a perfect cat eye, she revealed that secret too: “Here’s what I do: Do the rest of your eye shadow prior to doing the liner. I love the Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner, because you can pump a little bit of the color onto your hand and use it as an inkwell for the brush. Because I’m left-handed, I’m a little ambidextrous, which makes eyeliner so much easier.”What do you think of Williams as a blonde? Sound off below.