Allison McGevna of Inside Allie's World experiments with fuller silhouettes and talks trial-and-error dressing

By elizabethcarmona2014
Updated March 09, 2015 02:47 PM

Welcome Allison McGevna, 31, of Inside Allie’s World, who is joining us as our resident curvy-girl style blogger. She was featured in the December/January issue of PEOPLE StyleWatch and contributes her thoughts on finding the perfect outfit to the site each week. This week, she talks full skirts, trial-and-error dressing and venturing outside of your comfort zone. (And if her items are sold out, we’ve linked to similar styles below — happy shopping!)

Allison McGevna dressing tips

Courtesy Allison McGevna

I used to think A-line skirts and dresses just weren’t right for my body type. They read too voluminous and made my bottom half look wider. I mean, who wants that? After a while, though, I realized that playing with proportion could make all the difference. Proportion plays a major role when it comes to dressing in general. You want to think about it, no matter what you wear and what size you are. Basically, thinking about proportion means thinking about how the pieces of your outfit relate to one another. “Is this blazer-and-skirt combo making me look boxy?”, “Is this blouse making me look super busty with these skinny jeans?” — things like that. My issue with proportion was that I tended to reach for longer, below-the-knee A-line skirts that overwhelmed my shape, making me look even wider in the hips than I am, and then I paired them with body-hugging tops. The answer, I found, lay in a shorter length. An at-the-knee skirt struck a better balance with a fitted top, and it let me show some leg for a lengthened look. Overall, the proportions were just better for me.

Ever since I made this discovery, I’ve been having so much fun playing with this shape! This faux-leather A-line skirt is from Modamix (similar style). I got it from the styling service Dia & Co., which is kind of like a Shoedazzle for fashion. You fill out a survey and then their stylists handpick items for you each month, which you can either keep or return. When they sent me this skirt, I immediately fell in love with it. I wasn’t really familiar with Modamix before, but I’m definitely a fan now! The skirt is really lightweight but has a nice, sturdy lining and looks way more expensive than it is. I love the 1950s-inspired silhouette. The cut really accentuates the waist, and would help to create one if you are more of a straight-up-and-down shape. And the way it glides over the hips is so flattering. I’m convinced that this skirt would look great on any body type. Because it’s black, it was important to me that the skirt have some interesting detailing. I love the laser cuts at the bottom — they give it a little something different.

When I’m wearing a fuller silhouette like this, it’s very important for me to keep my tops fitted so I don’t lose my figure. This V-neck is from Energie, via Macy’s (similar style), and has a wrap look to it that, again, works on so many shapes. As I’ve mentioned, I have a 38DD bust, so V-neck tops are a go-to for me. They give a larger chest room to breathe, and they also act as kind of an arrow, directing the eye to your natural waist (your smallest point!). Unless you’re wearing a crop top with a skirt like this, tucking in your top is always something you can do to create or accentuate an hourglass silhouette. The last thing you want is to give the impression of a wider waist with a fuller skirt. Not a good look.

My necklace is from Ashley Stewart (similar style) and my bracelet is by INC from Macy’s — both are in keeping with the sleek, vampy vibe of this outfit. I finished the look off with black pointed pumps from Aldo. I thought about going with a bold statement shoe for this look, but I really like the minimalism of this outfit. Plus, pointed black pumps = legs for days. This is the perfect look for cocktails with girlfriends, or even date night. The skirt would also work at work with a slightly higher-cut V-neck and a blazer!

Part of dressing up and experimenting with your look is definitely getting things wrong. I got this A-line silhouette wrong a lot until I figured out what I needed to make my body look its best. A lot of it is trial and error — that goes for everyone, no matter your size! The important thing is not to get discouraged. Take a minute, sit back and really consider why something isn’t working. That might just lead you to the solution!

Do you experiment with new shapes? Have you made any exciting discoveries about what works for your body? Sound off below!