February 02, 2015 02:00 PM

Welcome Allison McGevna, 31, of Inside Allie’s World, who is joining us as our resident curvy-girl style blogger. She was featured in the December/January issue of PEOPLE StyleWatch and contributes her thoughts on finding the perfect outfit to the site each week. This week, she gives us insight on putting together a laid-back look that stills feels so on-trend. (And if her items are sold out, we’ve linked to similar styles below — happy shopping!)

Courtesy Allison McGevna

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat” — I love that quote by Karl Lagerfeld. While I like to be comfortable, I always want to be presentable, whether I’m at work or running errands on the weekend. A great solution is a stylish pair of leggings. These leggings are by Lyssé — their leggings are fantastic. They’re more of an investment, but they are so worth the money. For forever, I was buying cheapie leggings and I would wear them once or twice before they would fall apart. Also, sometimes they would be so sheer that I’d have to double up so you wouldn’t be able to totally see through! I finally figured out that it made much more sense to invest in a really good pair of leggings than to buy less expensive pairs time after time. The material on this pair is really thick, but breathable. Sometimes, really thick leggings can be tricky for curvy girls to put on, but these are really comfy, not to mention super durable. This particular pair has a satiny lining at the waistband that feels very luxurious. They also have cool, leather moto-inspired panels on the outside of my calves. Have I said enough great things about them yet? They really are the best!

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When I style an outfit that includes leggings, I make sure to include a top that covers my butt, no matter how durable the leggings are. I never want to reveal too much. To go with the cool vibe of the leggings, I chose a leathery sweatshirt from Lane Bryant (similar style). It isn’t so long that it’s distracting, but it hits below my waist so it covers me up a bit. The front is faux leather and the back is a stretchy matte fabric so it fits a range of sizes — and it doesn’t get too hot. The sweatshirt is short-sleeved, so I layered it over my husband’s button-down shirt. I love my husband’s shirts. Men’s collared shirts are one of my wardrobe secrets for layering! I love that you can cuff the sleeves and roll them up really easily.

I polished off the look with a Banana Republic blazer (similar style). I love their blazers, and they usually go up to a size 16/18. I’m wearing a size 14 and I was still able to wear it over other layers with ease. I have a few tests to make sure a blazer fits properly: I make sure it closes in the front without having to pull at it, otherwise it can lay really awkwardly on your bust. I also stick my arms out and try to hug myself. If you’re curvy and have thicker arms, this is really important to do as some blazers with linings won’t give you the proper range of mobility. Lastly, I make sure the shoulders fit well and that the blazer doesn’t look boxy. When you’re curvy, you want to show your shape — boxy silhouettes can be tricky to pull off.

I love a good crossbody bag with a more laid-back look like this. This one is from Kensie at Macy’s (similar style) and has an adjustable strap — great for plus ladies. I’m usually a heels girl, but these Steve Madden slip-ons are so cute — and comfortable. Plus, they’re a great way to add some print without wearing it all over!

What’s your fave comfy-yet-stylish look? Sound off below!

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