Allison Janney, 58, Poses in Red-Hot Swimsuit and Declares Mr. Right 'Has to Find Me'

Allison Janney opens up about love, aging and more in a new InStyle interview


Allison Janney proved age is nothing but a number in her latest red-hot photoshoot.

The award-winning actress stripped down to nothing more than a fiery one-shoulder swimsuit, diamond drop earrings and pumps for an InStyle shoot, which is featured in the magazine’s new October issue. Janney, 58, opened up to InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown about how she really feels about aging in the spotlight.

She called noticing her first wrinkle “terrifying,” and admitted “there are a lot of things [she’s] noticing” as she gets older. “I’m trying to grow old gracefully and embrace it, but I also want to fight it and do little things here and there to help. Especially when you’re still single,” Janney said.

As for staying single, the star’s not so sure. She says she’s still hopeful about finding Mr. Right. “I’m not totally out of the game, but I’m one foot in, one foot out,” she said. “I think this guy, whoever he is, is going to have to find me because I’m not going to find him.”

Although Janney said her long legs are thanks to inheriting her mother’s height (the star is 6-ft. tall!), the actress said her hair wasn’t as genetically blessed.

“I didn’t get my mother’s hair,” she said, noting that she needs “a head full of [hair] extensions.”

“God, my mother has beautiful, thick hair,” she said. “Years of blow drying and coloring and dyeing, it’s just fluff. So I choose to help fill out my [hair]. I’m not afraid to admit that.”

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Janney blames the perm she got in her teens as the one look that really did the most damage.

“That was tragic,” she said. “My hair was already naturally curly. But everyone was doing it, so I was like, ‘I need more curl.’ I had to have been 16, 17. I also dyed my hair platinum blond for a movie with Stanley Tucci [Big Night], and all my hair fell out. It was overbleached — it would rip — so I just cut it off.”

Once she moved to New York to break into acting, Janney gave her hair a break and developed a new obsession: Wigs. “Even before I was known as an actress in New York, when I started doing theater there, I would go to the grocery store with different wigs on for fun. I loved it,” she told the magazine.

“I loved buying hair, experimenting with it,” she said. “It was something to amuse myself with when I wasn’t getting work as an actress [laughs]. Now it helps you in the trailer in the morning — wigs cut preparation time. Bonnie Plunkett [her Emmy Award-winning character] in Mom has a full-on wig.”

So, yes, her hair is not real and she loves that. “I have a wig fetish,” she says.

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