Allison Janney Was Going for a 'Helen Mirren' Look with Her New Short Gray Hair

The actress told PEOPLE TV's One Last Thing host Jeremy Parsons that she gets "very brave" with her hair

Allison Janney just revealed that her recent hair color switch-up was inspired by a fellow Oscar winner.

During an episode of PEOPLE TV's One Last Thing, the usually-brunette actress told host Jeremy Parsons that she decided to "do a Helen Mirren thing" when her natural gray hair color started appearing while she was cooped up inside amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"It started out with just COVID choices, you know. I was in Ohio for five months of the pandemic," the Mom star shared. "My natural color started growing in — which is gray. And then I thought, you know, I've always wanted to cut it off and do a Helen Mirren thing. I just wanted to try it."

"I just get very brave with my hair," she added. To which Parsons replied, "Well, it's fantastic!"

Mirren, who's been embracing her natural color for years, admitted to PEOPLE in March 2020 that she originally stopped coloring her hair because she's "lazy."

"Honestly, I'm so lazy about my hair!" Mirren, 75, said. "It's a lot of work and as wonderful as many hairdressers are, I don't want to sit in a salon for hours. I just can't be bothered with that."

Helen Mirren

While the star has been rocking her God-given hair color for quite some time, she loves that other women are beginning to do the same.

"I think women were just so terrified of having white or gray hair because it immediately put them into a different category," Mirren shared. "And of course, you are in that age group. I'm sorry, but you are! So, why not just embrace it, go a long with it and welcome it? Make it a positive thing as opposed to a negative thing."

Recently, more celebs have been joining Mirren's silver fox club. In addition to Janney, actress Andie MacDowell started sporting her silver strands and said she's been "loving it."

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