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Alli Simpson, Stella Hudgens and Noah Cyrus are heading back to school in style for Mudd’s newest ad campaign for fall, and we’ve got the exclusive scoop (and behind-the-scene shots) from the shoot. (It almost makes us want to go buy Trapper-Keepers.)

Courtesy Mudd

The trio, who are the younger siblings of some of your fave celebs (Alli is 17, Stella is 19 and Noah is 15) teamed up with social media sensations Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson (aka “Jack and Jack”) and Sam Wilkinson (yes, again!) to stage a little after-class hangout and showcase the brand’s clothes. We chatted all things style with the stars about their time on set, style secrets they’ve received from their fashion-forward older siblings and how their sense of style has evolved since stepping into the spotlight, below!

Describe your style in three words.
Alli: Classic, feminine and free.
Stella: Eclectic, different and unique.
Noah: Easy, indie and edgy.

Courtesy Mudd

How has your style changed since stepping into the spotlight?
Alli: I feel like my style progresses a lot and changes all the time as you get older, and I feel like I am taking more fashion risks as I get older.
Stella: I think my style has progressed — it’s a little more sophisticated and edgy.
Noah: As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to dress older and not like a little girl anymore.

Courtesy Mudd

What’s the best piece of style advice your siblings (Cody Simpson, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus) have given you?
Alli: Cody is definitely into fashion and he loves to accessorize! Like, he almost wears as many rings as I do. He’s all into his rock star look right now, and he’s always wearing hats and so am I. So, I think we definitely have that in common. We have this place (at home) where there are so many hats and we just share them. His style advice is just be yourself and definitely step out — we’re in the spotlight and have this chance to take risks and do what [we] want with fashion.
Stella: Vanessa and I share a closet and are always going back and forth helping each other get dressed. I usually don’t leave the house without her opinion and vice versa.
Noah: The best style advice my sister has given me is be yourself and wear what you want to wear, and don’t care what other people are going to say about it. Just wear whatever makes you feel happy.

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Courtesy Mudd

Favorite piece from the collection? How would you style it?
Alli: The jean jacket! It’s just so comfortable but stylish.
Stella: I definitely would wear the blue sweater dress that I had on with a brown hat, it was really cute!
Noah: The jean shorts with some tights, leg warmers and cute boots.

Most memorable moment from the photo shoot? It looked like so much fun!
Alli: It was just so much fun in general. It’s so cool to all be back together.
Stella: It was fun hanging out on the bleachers, we had pom poms, which I was really excited about!
Jack J.: My favorite part about the Mudd shoots is really … the people. All of the girls are our homies and all the guys are obviously our homies. We grew up together. It’s awesome just being out here with our friends and playing football, of course.
Sammy W: Chilling with friends. It’s not like we’re actually (working) at a shoot.

Do you have a sibling? Which one of you do you think is more stylish? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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