The singer's hairstylist dishes on the wigs, extensions and dyes used to create her super-cool looks


The video for Christina Aguilera‘s latest single, “Your Body,” hit YouTube on Friday, and take it from us: it’s pretty sexy. The singer takes on a whole bunch of dangerous personas in the clip — and each character has glam hair to match, thanks to stylist Mark Townsend.

“We called the look ‘Updated Xtina,'” he tells PEOPLE of the colorful wigs and extensions used in the video. “Christina is very visual so when she told me her ideas about having colors in her hair, I immediately started gathering examples of colors I thought would work well with her blonde hair and she said, ‘I love them all!'”

The results include styles like a curly purple wig, straight pink tresses with blunt bangs, dip-dyed ends and badass braids. “Christina loves colors in her hair and she has been very into braids lately, so we combined the two for a couple of her looks,” Townsend explains.

Over the course of the two-day shoot, Townsend prepped and coiffed Aguilera’s many hairpieces, using Manic Panic hair dye and temporary spray-on color to get bold (but removable) results. His favorite looks? “That is so hard to choose,” he says. “I love the multi colors in her hair for the performance outside the trailer, and I love the lavender and purple curly hair on the bed.”

And though the star had a final say on every style used in the video, Townsend says she made his job quite easy. “Christina is such a true artist,” he shares. “It’s such a joy to be able to work with her.” Watch “Your Body” above, then tell us: Which of Aguilera’s hairstyles are your favorites?