Alicia Keys Went Makeup Free 'To Stop Trying to Please Every Damn Body'

The singer opens about going sans cosmetics on the Today show

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

After a whirlwind week of defending her choice to go makeup-free, Alicia Keys made an appearance on the Today Show Friday morning to once again explain her reasoning for going bare.

When host Savannah Guthrie asked the 35-year-old singer how it feels to go sans makeup in the eye of the public, Keys simply explained that choosing to opt out of the makeup narrative is “really empowering.”

“[It’s] really freeing,” she told the Today Show host. “The thing is… it kinda came from because we put so many limitations on ourselves, we put limitations on each other, society puts limitations on us, and in a lot of ways, I’m sick of it, I’m over it.”

She continued, connecting her bare-faced movement to music: “And that’s in a lot of ways, what the music is about, it’s about being our own unique selves, because we each have something that no one else has and it would be so amazing to embrace each other, how we are.”

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But just because Keys is currently forgoing a full face of makeup doesn’t mean she’s swearing off cosmetics forever. In fact, she loves makeup — and always will.

“I love makeup! I love my lip gloss, I love my blush, I love my eyeliner,” she explained to co-host Matt Lauer. “It’s not about that. But at the same time, I don’t want to feel beholden …. to have to do it.”

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Keys added that she’s not going without makeup for anyone but herself, and if that inspires others, then that’s great, but that’s not her intention.

“I just wanna be honest to myself, and all of us should be honest to ourselves,” she said. “Just be yourself and have a great time, and do what makes you feel good as opposed to trying to please every damn body.”

Whether she meant to or not, though, she did inspire Today Show anchor Tamron Hall to remove her makeup on-air. Caught between commercials by a show producer, Hall declared that makeup wasn’t her crutch (but earrings are!).

“Everybody has their lane, whether it’s natural hair or makeup free,” Hall said. “[Alicia] isn’t preaching, she’s teaching.”

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