Model Alexis Ren Is Officially Having a Moment: See Her 2016 Highlight Reel

You may not know her yet, but 2017 is already poised to be the model's biggest year to date

Source: Alexis Ren/Instagram
Photo: Source: Alexis Ren/Instagram

As the final days of December roll around, Love magazine tends to amp up their advent calendar tenfold. While the whole thing is star-studded from start to finish, with more supermodels and celebs than the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, the conclusion is typically even more chock full of unexpected twists. But this year, day 22 might be their most surprising choice of all, eschewing their usual high profile It Girls like Bella, Gigi, and Kendall in favor of a relative newcomer to the modeling game, Alexis Ren. And while you may not know who she is yet, she’s already poised to be the biggest new name of 2017.

In her debut turn for Love magazine, Ren does a whole lot of what she does best, frolicking in a swimsuit and showing off her posterior. The film directed by Doug Inglish depicts the 20-year-old, dressed in just a cheetah-print thong one-piece and a fringed leather jacket, venturing out into a pitch black jungle filled with very spooky Coach dinosaur skeleton keychains before breaking out into an impromptu dance routine complete with jetés, high kicks, and twirls. And because, of course, it wouldn’t be Love advent season without at least one model bizarrely interacting with or embodying an animal, all of this is performed poolside with four men in giant dinosaur costumes. In other words, the perfect mise en scène to get you in the holiday spirit.

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And it’s not just Love who has recognized that Ren is a total It Girl in the making.

This year, she also posed nude for Mario Testino‘s famed “Towel Series” published on the photographer’s Instagram account.

She reached over 7 million followers, officially making her a “social media influencer,” largely thanks to swimwear and underwear-clad or totally nude shots like the above. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that she was also previously linked to another Instagram heartthrob, male model Jay Alvarrez.

She attended the L’Oréal “Gold Obsession” dinner during Paris Fashion Week in October along with other major runway superstars like Karlie Kloss and Naomi Campbell, suggesting she might be on the brand’s shortlist for future beauty campaigns.

Much like household names Gigi and Bella, she’s also already landed a major design job, working on her very own collection of what else but bikinis in collaboration with Misguided.

So while we may have all only just come to some kind of consensus that there is in fact a new generation of supermodels, they best watch their backs because there’s already a new girl ready to step in and fill their over-the-knee boots.

Have you heard of Alexis Ren? What do you think of her Love video? Is she destined to be a new super? Sound off below!

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