By StyleWatch
Updated February 04, 2010 07:57 PM

Courtesy VOGUE

Alexa Chung, the British hipster-turned-designer and one-time host of the MTV series, It’s On with Alexa Chung, explains her infatuation with denim in this month’s British Vogue. The former model, whose effortless style is often emulated, graces the March cover dressed in ripped denim, a white unbuttoned shirt, black blazer and her much blogged about brown Chanel clogs. But she’s not just Vogue‘s cover-star, Alexa is a contributing editor for the magazine and pens a personal essay explaining her obsession with the all-American material. “Denim is a symbol of youth, sex, rebellion and, most essentially, America,” she writes. “Buying jeans is our first foray in American style.” One that she’s come to know well. “My denim shirts appear to be breeding in the bottom of my wardrobe,” she jokes, “and my newfound appetite for all things dungaree is becoming a worry.” To read Chung’s essay in its entirety look out for the March issue of British Vogue on stands now, or visit — David Yi