Posing topless with one of the hottest athletes on the planet would be a very intimidating situation for most. But for a supermodel as seasoned as Alessandra Ambrosio, it’s just another “super comfortable” day at work.

GQ cover

Ben Watts/GQ

The Victoria’s Secret bombshell stars alongside Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo for the cover of GQ‘s Body Issue, where they both show off their other-worldly abs in skimpy swimwear. Ambrosio also gave a fun behind-the-scenes tour of the set and (thankfully!) made a stop at Ronaldo’s dressing room. Catch the clip below.

We also see her wardrobe room (if racks of bikinis count as a “wardrobe”), a cute selfie moment with Ronaldo and close-up shots of his underwear selection (which happen to be his own brand) that Ambrosio suggests “all the boys should be getting.”

Then she takes us on set and explains that their foosball match ended with no “real” winner. “It all ended with throwing water on each other,” she shared. “It was a big fight.”

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If you’re amazed with her grace and poise directing the video tour (there were two cameras on her at all times and she was never caught at a bad angle), she says that ease just comes naturally. “In front of the camera, I’m super comfortable,” she tells the magazine. “It’s just, act normal.”

While we appreciate Ambrosio’s backstage access, if you feel like you just didn’t get enough of Ronaldo’s abs, we’ll leave these photos here.

And there is a possibility the soccer star will be bringing his abs stateside. Ronaldo, 30, revealed to the mag that someday he might play in America.

“Maybe in the future will be a good chance for me to play there [in America],” he shared. “You never know, but it’s something interesting. I consider it, of course, because as I’ve said, soccer there has become better and better … I think that this is maybe going to be possible.”

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— Colleen Kratofil