This is the first time the model has designed a collection exclusively for the e-commerce site

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated October 19, 2016 11:28 AM
ale by alessandra campaign
Credit: Courtesy ále by Alessandra

Alessandra Ambrosio may primarily be known for her ability to pose in an array of bikinis and underwear as part of her long-standing day job as a Victoria’s Secret model, but did you know she doesn’t just wear clothes, she also designs them?

The model’s line, ále by Alessandra, is inspired by her Brazilian roots and her group of effortlessly bohemian (not to mention gorgeous) model friends. Since then the brand has taken off, expanding each season — and today for the first time, she’s launching a holiday collection exclusively designed for

People caught up with Alessandra to find out what she’s learned about designing, how she’s grown as a businesswoman, and of course, what her favorite pieces from the new collection are.

What’s a mistake you made since launching the collection that you’ve learned from?

To be honest, since launching my collection I have been learning a lot in general. Working in the fashion industry I knew a lot about silhouettes, fits, colors, and what works and what doesn’t work, but I’ve never really ventured deep into the business side. I can’t think of a particular mistake that I learned the most from, but I know that I am enjoying this experience and cherish every new lesson.

ale by alessandra campaign
Credit: Courtesy ále by Alessandra

What have you been surprised to see sell the best?

This is the first collection that I launched with Revolve so I am excited to see what the best sellers will be, but looking at the past collection I can’t really think of any bestselling pieces that I was surprised about. I truly take my time to review every single piece and make sure that they are great quality, versatile and that there is something for everyone in the collection. Maxi dresses usually do really well so we also incorporated them into ále by Alessandra x Revolve, but we always make sure to add some fun twists and make sure that we don’t repeat previous seasons.

What’s your personal favorite thing in the collection?

For this Holiday collection that we are launching we are mixing it up with some sexy night as well as those fun colorful day pieces. My personal favorite in this collection are this amazing black crop top and a maxi skirt as well as shimmering gold dress that is perfect for any celebration.

ale by alessandra campaign
Credit: Courtesy ále by Alessandra

What’s the thing your model friends all ask you to send them?

They are definitely going to love the romper as well as some of the sexy sleek dresses we created for this collection. Since we just launched I haven’t really had a chance to show them all of the designs, but I think they are going to be in love — these pieces are perfect no matter if you are on the beach or the mountains.

What’s your favorite thing about designing?

What I like about designing is the ability to transfer my ideas into these stunning pieces, but what is most amazing is the feeling when you see someone wearing your designs with a big smile on their face.

What has surprised you the most about it?
Being that I was in the fashion industry for such a long time, I was aware of most things but I think the biggest surprise is how long it takes to get from the idea to final product.

Credit: Stewart Shining for ále by Alessandra

Have you asked any designers for tips since becoming one yourself? What’s the best one they’ve shared?

I haven’t really asked for tips, but being on set and seeing how the designers operate I have learned a lot by just observing.

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