The Shrill star makes her debut in the fashion world with a new body positive collection

By Katie Intner
August 15, 2019 03:08 PM

Aidy Bryant is beloved for many things: her witty and captivating humor, body image activism, sharp fashion sense … we could keep going. Now, she’s taking the ladder and bringing her style to the streets with a debut clothing line.

On Thursday, the Saturday Night Live star announced her plus-size clothing line, pauline, on Instagram.

“BIG NEWS: i made some dresses for you guys,” the actress captioned a photo of her in brand’s debut dress, the Lovington. “from my new clothing line, @shoppaulineny 🔮it’s a limited run so shop fast! follow @shoppaulineny for updates. love ya! xo, aidy ⚡️”

“I have been a fat lady my whole damn life … and I always felt like there were clothes out there, but not what I wanted,” Bryant says in an intro video on the brand’s site. “And what I wanted was something easy and simple and cool, but also comfortable.”

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From her Pinnable wedding dress to her Emmys ensemble covered in 3,500 sequins, Bryan has been inspiring with her style for years.

Her inspiration for pauline came from the custom designs she made with stylist Remy Pearce (also, her creative partner for pauline) for red carpet events and shows. After getting an abundance of positive feedback from fans, Bryant decided to make her custom designs more accessible.

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The brand’s debut dress, the Lovington comes in three different prints: solid blue, gingham and stripe (which Bryant is wearing in her Instagram announcement).

The actress describes the dress style as “easy, cool, made with nice fab­rics and they have pockets, so you can put your shit in there.” And according to Byrant, there’s more to come for pauline.

For now, shop Bryant’s dresses at