The American Horror Story actress shares her secrets for staying fit and looking fab

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If there is a fountain of youth, we bet that it’s located in Angela Bassett’s backyard. After all, over the last few years the American Horror Story actress has pulled off crop-tops and corsets better than most women half her age. Add in her flawless skin and boom: She’s a bonafide ageless beauty in our eyes. But the actress admits to PeopleStyle that the aging process has not evaded her — and shares all her secrets for staying at the top of her game.

At 57 years old, Angela Bassett might have the body of a goddess, but it turns out she’s very much like us mortals.

“Even though people tell me I’m impervious to aging, I’m not,” says Bassett. “The scale isn’t going down the way it used to. It used to be easier, even as much as a year ago.”

And though the realization initially came as a “shock,” Bassett is taking the change in stride. “We check ourselves out in the mirror every day, we see the changes but you have to just do the best for yourself more often than not.”

For the actress, that means trying to hit the gym as often as she can in between filming, raising her twins with husband Courtney B. Vance and her new baby — a skin care line she just launched with her dermatologist and friend Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Credit: Jin-Woo Prensena; Angela Bassett Instagram

Jin-Woo Prensena; Angela Bassett Instagram

“If I can work out for 30 minutes, I feel good. Sometimes I can’t, but [I like] to think, ‘Who can’t do that?’ My philosophy is: Do the best you can and do something that you enjoy. For me, I like free weights.”

Bassett’s also big on playing up her best assets, collaborating with her glam team to ensure she always feels comfortable before gracing the red carpet.

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“I’ll say to my glam team, ‘I have great arms, you might want to show that!’ I believe we all have something—great legs, beautiful hair—so find your something, be proud of it, and accentuate it.”

When it comes to her seeming perfect complexion, Bassett says her dedication to skin started in her teens when her mother would take her to a dermatologist every six weeks. “My mother and her siblings had a lot of challenges with her skin — and she did not want that for me,” she says.

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Decades later, Bassett is now the proud co-creator and co-owner of a skincare line. The five-piece Dr. Barbara Sturm & Angela Bassett Skin of Color collection launched this month at Harrods and on Shen Beauty, addresses “hyperpigmentation and inflammation, which skin of color is more prone to,” says Sturm, adding, “There’s luxury makeup for skin of color, but there’s no luxury skin care line. It’s surprising because if you do a little research you see that there should be.”

Sturm, who has a namesake, celeb-loved skin care line, says this collaboration was a labor of love for them both — and they already have plans to expand. “We want to make people who can’t afford our luxury line right now have one in the future, too.”

For more beauty secrets from Angela, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE on newsstands everywhere Friday.

–Jackie Fields