Adrienne Bailon: My Rob Kardashian Butt Tattoo Is 'Ratchet'

The star relates one questionable beauty experience from her past

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We all have youthful beauty indiscretions that we’d rather not discuss, like orange highlights or bad spray tanning. But Adrienne Bailon may have us all beat.

“Everybody knows I have the ratchetest booty tattoo of an ex-boyfriend,” she said on her new chat show The Real. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

And, she points out, it’s not like this particular ex had a short and sweet, easy-to-remove name. “Ten letter last name, Kardashian,” she says, noting that she included his first name and middle initial too. “I made a very bad decision. Don’t follow my example.”

Bailon has given us plenty of opportunities to check out where she may have placed this particular ink, but she said that she made it as tiny as possible so it’s hard to spot. “It was sized down so much that it started looking like a little black blob.”

Before you ask, yes, she is in the process of getting it lasered off. But it’s not going well. “You can smell your flesh burning,” she says, “and it’s your ass flesh burning. Booty tattoos, names of other men … don’t do it!”

Tell us: Do you have any tattoos you regret?

–Alex Apatoff

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