Adriana Lima Thinks You Should Put Perfume in Your Belly Button (and More Supermodel Secrets)

Plus, find out which iconic actress inspires her style

Photo: Courtesy Marc Jacobs

The Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg

If it seems that sometimes supermodels just know things the rest of us don’t, well, it’s because they have had years to travel the world gaining tips on how to pose in a bikini, apply foundation perfectly and walk into a wind machine from the best pros in the business. But luckily, they aren’t stingy with their information — and occasionally they’ll divulge a piece of information that could totally change the game for you. This Adriana Lima fragrance tip might be just one such moment.

“I like to apply my fragrance to my hair, on my belly button, behind my ears and behind my knee — and then one spritz of fragrance on my clothes,” Lima told The Coveteur at an event celebrating the launch of the new Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence scent (for which she’s the brand ambassador). “I don’t know why, but I like to put it in my belly button! It’s like one, two, three, I divide my body in three,” she says, explaining that she creates horizontal “zones” for scent application. “I think it’s more No. 3 than anything.”

That’s why, the Victoria’s Secret Angel (and newly-appointed Rio Cultural Correspondent) says, before every major runway, she’ll do her three-zone spritz to get in the right mindset.

“Fragrance [always makes me feel sexy]. I carry a fragrance with me all the time,” the supermodel said. “In my job, if you see me on the runway, my routine really is that I spritz fragrance on myself before I walk. It’s all about the senses. Fragrance is a symbol of femininity and it gives you a confidence, and gives you sexiness, as a woman.”

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Adriana Lima marc jacobs

The Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg

Anyone who loves fragrance so much naturally deserves to land a major ad campaign for it, and Lima calls her Marc Jacobs shots a “career feat.” And for the campaign, she had the opportunity to channel one of her personal style influences: iconic actress Ava Gardner.

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“My personal style changes so much, but my favorite is to be very classic,” she told The Coveteur. “When I have to get dressed up for an event I always think about Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, but I try to bring that woman into modern times. I try to dress up very feminine, but also very classic. It’s still sexy though.”

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–Sarah Kinonen

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